On 20th November 2013, Middlesbrough Borough Council announced that 201 homes in Phase 2b of the Gresham area were to be improved instead of demolished.




The Council admitted that it would have needed to borrow £14 million to demolish the 201 homes in Phase 2b.

Instead a £1.2 million package of assistance will be put in place for residents, landlords and businesses in Phase 2b:

  •  Homeowners will receive a grant of up to £6,000 for home improvements.
  • Landlords will be offered a grant of up to £3,000, which must be matched pound for pound from their own pockets.
  •  Businesses will receive a grant of £5,000, but any business employing four full-time staff or the equivalent, will receive £10,000.

Assistance will also be available for energy efficiency improvements to homes and businesses in Phase 2b, including external insulated cladding and loft insulation at no cost to the owner or tenant. Home-owners and private tenants in receipt of a qualifying
means tested benefit may also receive boiler and central heating repairs or replacement.