We are a group of residents from the local area who have been examining the governments Localism Bill that devolves more power to Local Government and local groups to take charge of their own areas. This allows residents and resident groups to plan their own areas. A number have undergone training with the Carnegie Foundation, at their own expense, covering various aspects of Community Land Trusts. They met with several people from Community Land Trusts from as far apart as Cornwall and Cumbria.

We are a not for profit company that is limited by guarantee. That is; it does not have shares, but is run by a board of Directors. Directors of the company, Middlesbrough Community Land Trust, are volunteers and are not allowed to be paid.


Anybody over 18 is allowed to be an ordinary member and this allows them to stand for election as a director at an Annual General Meeting. It also allows then to nominate, or second, another member for election to the board. There is no charge for membership to the company, but directors have a liability of £1.00 should the company run into difficulties at any time in the future.